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We explore the dark side of the genome to improve molecular diagnostics and biomarkers discovery.

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High Performances Molecular Diagnostics Based on Advanced Technologies

molecular biology

Whole Transcriptome Exploration

The coding genome represents about 2% of the whole genome.
New biomarkers are yet to be found in the "dark side" of the genome.

innovative algorithms

Unbiased Bioinformatics

High bioinformatics expertise and innovatives algorithms to discover new and unreferenced biomarkers.

liquid biopsy

Liquid Biopsy

Extracellular vesicles expertise to extract nucleic acids from biological fluids and overcome standard biopsies limitations and shortcomings.

Logo Institut Curie Skiagenics is proud of its close collaboration with Institut Curie.

Founding Team

Daniel Gautheret
Daniel Gautheret, Ph.D.

Antonin Morillon
Antonin Morillon, Ph.D.

Olivier Moschkowitz
Olivier Moschkowitz
Co-founder, CEO